Corona – challenges & opportunities

This pandemic has presented all of us with great challenges. Not only did we have to improvise with the work locations, but also the communication among our approximately 60 team members had to be adapted. Planned events as well as meetings with our sponsors cannot be held or only to a limited extent.

We are very proud of our team, who did not let the circumstances stop them from doing an excellent job.

Whether the work is done from home, or in our workshop and lab with masks and safety distance, we pursue our goal and do not let it deter us. Nevertheless, in terms of workplaces we have to get a little creative now and then. For example with Home office – formula student style – as seen in the picture, where a team member was working on our board computer and the communication to our sensor boards. However, our team never fails to impress, no matter from where they are working.

Like many companies, we have also used virtual communication technologies to ensure an active exchange among each other. Tools like Microsoft Teams are a must in the current era. Not only do we hold team meetings and 1:1 meetings via videocall, but we also moved info events for potential new members and the whole recruiting process into the virtual space.

We also find it especially unfortunate that we cannot give a closer introduction to the project to all our sponsors in personal meetings. Nevertheless, we had the opportunity to visit some of our supporters and observe their work with the necessary safety distance. We are also constantly documenting our work on social media and giving updates on our latest developments. Finally, there is nothing more to say, except that we are excited to see what will happen next. We take away positive experiences and many learnings from the last months and are ready for everything more to come. Our goals are as ambitious as ever and our commitment is unwavering.

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